Time and space

There’s a rhythm to the restoration site that often includes stops and starts, frenzy and lulls. Sometimes progress waits for inspections or specialty contractors. Sometimes it holds while design and colors can be finalized. Then, at other times, it’s pedal to the metal. Here’s a look at the dining room over a few weeks as…

Out of the oven

These old coal-fired ovens are gorgeous, but they’re not practical in a modern kitchen. What to do? Turn them into a serving or prep area off the main kitchen. Here’s how it happens – lots of scrubbing, scraping and a granite top.

Where should it go?

Allan has had a team of antique specialists scouring the country for just the right furniture for the Hotel Castaneda. Some of that Victorian furniture has arrived and is packed into the dining room. Watch and listen as Christian and Jeff talk about a Mosely Folding Bathtub that needs to find the right spot in…

Turning up the heat

Kitchen equipment – stove tops, regular ovens, grills, computerized cooking centers, mixers – has been delivered and is being installed in the kitchen. Sean Sinclair, executive chef and owner of Kin at Castaneda, walks us through the kitchen setup.

Won’t be long now

The crew put down the first coat of paint on the kitchen floor. It’s an industrial epoxy that seals well and should be easy to clean.

Kitchen basics

The opening of the restaurant is about a month away, and work moves ahead in the kitchen, where the crew is rolling out a commercial kitchen with good ventilation, easier to clean walls and more. And we get an update on the dining room plans.

And now, the kitchen

Work is moving into the kitchen area. The ductwork is in and wends its way through the ceiling, up through the second floor and out through roof. It’s hidden from the street because of historical preservation rules. Now, it’s on to reconfiguring the kitchen layout and painting and finishing the walls.