More to come

The bar and 13 rooms are open,  but there’s still lots of work going on at the Hotel Castaneda. The balcony under the tower is framed in, the floor tiled, and it’s waiting for final color paint. Workers are roughing out prototypes of the dining room booths, and Bob is finishing up the cast iron…

The bar is open

You no longer need to peer into the windows to see what’s going on in the bar. The bar had its soft opening April 15 and will have a proper start Friday. People and drinks mixed well in the restored bar of the Hotel Castaneda.

Prepping the bar

Getting ready to open the bar. Fernando and Alex buff out the bar with steel wool before adding another clear coat. That last coat should be dry before the soft open of the bar April 15. So, get your taxes done and drop by. The bar will be open from 3 to 10 p.m. daily.

5 of 7

Let’s take a peek into some of the guest rooms. We’ll check into five of the rooms (guests were in the other two). Each room is named after a historic hotel and themed with fauna of New Mexico. For reservations call 505-425-3591 ( reservations are being handled for the Castaneda by our sister hotel in…

More to do, more to come

Guests are staying in the south-wing guest rooms, but throughout the rest of the building, work continues.

Spic and span

The cleaning crew is in and they’re scrubbing and polishing away. Furniture is finding a home. Plus, we take a look inside some of the guest rooms – before the beds get made.

A long week

Lots of long days and weekend work as the crew rushes to meet opening day deadlines. The concrete crew was in on a weekend to paint parking stripes when the area is clear of cars. And the landscapers have started working on a drainage project.