Spic and span

The cleaning crew is in and they’re scrubbing and polishing away. Furniture is finding a home. Plus, we take a look inside some of the guest rooms – before the beds get made.

A long week

Lots of long days and weekend work as the crew rushes to meet opening day deadlines. The concrete crew was in on a weekend to paint parking stripes when the area is clear of cars. And the landscapers have started working on a drainage project.

Checking in

The new front desk is in place and waiting for some glass and finish. And then it’s time for guests.

Time lapse of the bar

Watch the bar area come together as it’s fitted into place, stained and finished.

Home-brew terrazzo

Bob and Andrew replace the threshold in the doorway between the dining room and the bar. The floor there is terrazzo in the dining room and concrete on the bar side. First they square it up, then Bob will mix up a home-brew terrazzo slurry with stone chips and binders and trowel it into the…

Lights inside and out

The overcast kept us from getting a full SuperMoon equinox photo of the Hotel Castaneda. But doesn’t it look pretty all dressed up for the night? And there are new lighting fixtures in the lounge adding to the ambience.

Scurry, scurry, scurry

Everywhere you look at the Hotel Castaneda these days you can just see opening day around the corner. Mattresses are in the dining room, ready to make their way upstairs into the south wing guest rooms. Downstairs in the lounge, Jenny and the rest of the cleaning crew are scrubbing the tile floors. They’re mopping…